Friday, August 24, 2012

About me

I was raised in baptist church, and school all my life. In till i married my hubby then i full understood about becoming Wicca. But let go back to the church and school i went to everyday, not all church's and school's are like this what about to tell you. I always follow rule to mother,father,church,school,but went i turn 16 i start to date someone he done unspoken think (i well not get into at this time) i got pregnant. For about month or two i didn't let any one know at church or school.(my dad and mom want  me to keep the pregnant). When  the church,school found out i was pregnant i got send down to office to have talk to. I was told that i was bad influence on other kids my age or younger: Told me that i had to leave or get kick out of school ( this what school told me) well i left. But from people at church i got dirty look, i got talk about i had no friend to talk to: (That what push it over for me). Before that i always felt like i didn't belong that something was missing. People might think this dumb but how i found out about Wicca and witches is i watch The Movie Call Craft, lol I love that movie. I got online type in Witches,Wicca everything pop up on it. I start to read about it, try find someone or some place to teach me this. I found friends and school to help me on my way to my path. When i found them i felt like i was at home that i belong. Now i try to do ritual when i can i going to school to learn more about paths i am soon be getting my clergy priestesshood yay for me. All my life i told i would never make some of my self that i would be working at burger place pop out baby's all my life not married they said. Well guess what i am happily married for 7 years and i do got 2 more kids but i not working at no burger place. (I am stay at home Mother and Wife). I have made something of my self i got batter friends and my goddess and god don't care if i had child  before i got married they love me for who i am. Life is to beautiful to wast on hate. So even know they don't talk to me, give me dirty looks talk behind my back ( I don't hate them, I forgive them) I look at them if at store say hey have nice day.
Blessed Be

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