Sunday, December 30, 2012

My School Update

Well i am happy. I past my lesson 9 in First Degree course. yay for me!!!!. I only got 3 more lesson to go. I pray to goddess and gods that i past the first degree. I study so hard for this. Plus i enrolled in course call Magic names to learn more about peeking name for me, but i also been praying to goddess and gods to help me choose name. I am still Pray to them help me with peeking one god and one goddess that is content to me. I love goddess Isis for my goddess but i still don't know yet. I am still new all about this. Plus i found two of my sister i grow up with that was in home to. I found out their are some what in to the pagan, and Wicca, craft too. So i think the goddess and gods for that. For all my read sorry that not blog in few month be deal with lot stuff in my life, Like pasting way of my father in-law he was more of father to me then my dad. "May he rest in peace". I still miss my mom to. "May she rest in peace to".
blessed be
so mote be