Friday, July 27, 2012

my studys at witchschool

i am learning new thing to day about wiccan in my study to day i took my test and past yay me i learn about alters and what she mean to me and how to put my tool out when in few week i post pic of my bos and alter  on here but one thing i slao learn was about some goddess and gods
 DEMETER -Greek Goddess of the Earth and of growing things, Demeter created agriculture as a gift to humankind.  The name “De Meter” means simply “the Mother.”  When Her daughter Kore was kidnapped by the King of the Dead and became Persephone, Queen of the Otherworld, Demeter fell into mourning, and winter came to the Earth.  The plants that people and animals lived upon withered and died and there was great suffering upon Earth.  At length Demeter found Her daughter, and it was agreed that Persephone should spend part of the year with Her Mother, and part of the year as Queen of the Otherworld.  Each year when Persephone was in the Otherworld winter would return to the earth -but so that people would not suffer from starvation, Demeter created grain, and gave the secret of it’s cultivation to Triptolemus, Prince of Eleusis, who then taught it to the world.  The name Demeter is said to mean “The Mother.”  In early times Demeter was sometimes depicted as being a horse, or as being horse-headed, linking Her to Celtic Mother Goddesses like Danu, Epona, and Rhiannon.  The principle center of Demeter’s worship was at Eleusis, near Athens, where the great Eleusinian Mysteries were held in Her honor each year.

GAIA -Gaia or Ge is the Greek Goddess of the Earth.  In Greek myth Gaia was the Primeval Mother.  Gaia’s first child was Uranos, the Sky God, Who had no father.  Thereafter Gaia took Uranos as Her consort.  Gaia became the mother of the Titans, the Elder Gods of Greek mythology, and of all living creatures.  In time  Gaia and Uranos, Earth and Sky, were separated by Their son the Titan Chronos (Time) Who castrated His father and gave the world it’s current form.  In modern belief Gaia is the Nouos, or “World Soul” -the soul and consciousness both of the Earth (as She is most commonly perceived), and in a larger sense of the Universe, which is a single, integrated living Being having both a Spiritual (Goddess) and Physical (God) aspect.

here just 2 of them i got from the it their copy rights
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