Friday, January 18, 2013

Why other religion say thing about us

This month i learn few new things. For one i learn about my spirit name. I chose one, the one i chose, I got a good feeling from it. A other thing i learn is that I can transfer energy to help others. I also found out where it close to full moon i been having Psychic visions of a lady. I think she try to get in touch with me for help from spirit world. I still not found out what that is. On my first degree in high priestess at school i past lesson 10 i made A 100%. yay for me. I also think that why people don't like our religion is because they are scared of it. They don't understand it, but it still not right to  say we going to hell because we don't believe in their god. We don't worship devil.  We have our gods and our goddess, just like they got their God(Jesus). You don't see us going to door by door tell about our gods and goddess. We do share our info about our Religion but it for those who what to know about it. We don't say  they have to believe our way. We respect the way they believe, because we love for u to do same for us. We have right to freedom and freedom to believe in our religion. So don't take it way from us because u scared of it and don't understand it. That all for now. If u like for me to talk about something please let me know i try my best to do it thank you and Merry part Blessed be