Friday, January 18, 2013

Why other religion say thing about us

This month i learn few new things. For one i learn about my spirit name. I chose one, the one i chose, I got a good feeling from it. A other thing i learn is that I can transfer energy to help others. I also found out where it close to full moon i been having Psychic visions of a lady. I think she try to get in touch with me for help from spirit world. I still not found out what that is. On my first degree in high priestess at school i past lesson 10 i made A 100%. yay for me. I also think that why people don't like our religion is because they are scared of it. They don't understand it, but it still not right to  say we going to hell because we don't believe in their god. We don't worship devil.  We have our gods and our goddess, just like they got their God(Jesus). You don't see us going to door by door tell about our gods and goddess. We do share our info about our Religion but it for those who what to know about it. We don't say  they have to believe our way. We respect the way they believe, because we love for u to do same for us. We have right to freedom and freedom to believe in our religion. So don't take it way from us because u scared of it and don't understand it. That all for now. If u like for me to talk about something please let me know i try my best to do it thank you and Merry part Blessed be

Sunday, December 30, 2012

My School Update

Well i am happy. I past my lesson 9 in First Degree course. yay for me!!!!. I only got 3 more lesson to go. I pray to goddess and gods that i past the first degree. I study so hard for this. Plus i enrolled in course call Magic names to learn more about peeking name for me, but i also been praying to goddess and gods to help me choose name. I am still Pray to them help me with peeking one god and one goddess that is content to me. I love goddess Isis for my goddess but i still don't know yet. I am still new all about this. Plus i found two of my sister i grow up with that was in home to. I found out their are some what in to the pagan, and Wicca, craft too. So i think the goddess and gods for that. For all my read sorry that not blog in few month be deal with lot stuff in my life, Like pasting way of my father in-law he was more of father to me then my dad. "May he rest in peace". I still miss my mom to. "May she rest in peace to".
blessed be
so mote be

Friday, August 24, 2012

About me

I was raised in baptist church, and school all my life. In till i married my hubby then i full understood about becoming Wicca. But let go back to the church and school i went to everyday, not all church's and school's are like this what about to tell you. I always follow rule to mother,father,church,school,but went i turn 16 i start to date someone he done unspoken think (i well not get into at this time) i got pregnant. For about month or two i didn't let any one know at church or school.(my dad and mom want  me to keep the pregnant). When  the church,school found out i was pregnant i got send down to office to have talk to. I was told that i was bad influence on other kids my age or younger: Told me that i had to leave or get kick out of school ( this what school told me) well i left. But from people at church i got dirty look, i got talk about i had no friend to talk to: (That what push it over for me). Before that i always felt like i didn't belong that something was missing. People might think this dumb but how i found out about Wicca and witches is i watch The Movie Call Craft, lol I love that movie. I got online type in Witches,Wicca everything pop up on it. I start to read about it, try find someone or some place to teach me this. I found friends and school to help me on my way to my path. When i found them i felt like i was at home that i belong. Now i try to do ritual when i can i going to school to learn more about paths i am soon be getting my clergy priestesshood yay for me. All my life i told i would never make some of my self that i would be working at burger place pop out baby's all my life not married they said. Well guess what i am happily married for 7 years and i do got 2 more kids but i not working at no burger place. (I am stay at home Mother and Wife). I have made something of my self i got batter friends and my goddess and god don't care if i had child  before i got married they love me for who i am. Life is to beautiful to wast on hate. So even know they don't talk to me, give me dirty looks talk behind my back ( I don't hate them, I forgive them) I look at them if at store say hey have nice day.
Blessed Be

Friday, July 27, 2012

my studys at witchschool

i am learning new thing to day about wiccan in my study to day i took my test and past yay me i learn about alters and what she mean to me and how to put my tool out when in few week i post pic of my bos and alter  on here but one thing i slao learn was about some goddess and gods
 DEMETER -Greek Goddess of the Earth and of growing things, Demeter created agriculture as a gift to humankind.  The name “De Meter” means simply “the Mother.”  When Her daughter Kore was kidnapped by the King of the Dead and became Persephone, Queen of the Otherworld, Demeter fell into mourning, and winter came to the Earth.  The plants that people and animals lived upon withered and died and there was great suffering upon Earth.  At length Demeter found Her daughter, and it was agreed that Persephone should spend part of the year with Her Mother, and part of the year as Queen of the Otherworld.  Each year when Persephone was in the Otherworld winter would return to the earth -but so that people would not suffer from starvation, Demeter created grain, and gave the secret of it’s cultivation to Triptolemus, Prince of Eleusis, who then taught it to the world.  The name Demeter is said to mean “The Mother.”  In early times Demeter was sometimes depicted as being a horse, or as being horse-headed, linking Her to Celtic Mother Goddesses like Danu, Epona, and Rhiannon.  The principle center of Demeter’s worship was at Eleusis, near Athens, where the great Eleusinian Mysteries were held in Her honor each year.

GAIA -Gaia or Ge is the Greek Goddess of the Earth.  In Greek myth Gaia was the Primeval Mother.  Gaia’s first child was Uranos, the Sky God, Who had no father.  Thereafter Gaia took Uranos as Her consort.  Gaia became the mother of the Titans, the Elder Gods of Greek mythology, and of all living creatures.  In time  Gaia and Uranos, Earth and Sky, were separated by Their son the Titan Chronos (Time) Who castrated His father and gave the world it’s current form.  In modern belief Gaia is the Nouos, or “World Soul” -the soul and consciousness both of the Earth (as She is most commonly perceived), and in a larger sense of the Universe, which is a single, integrated living Being having both a Spiritual (Goddess) and Physical (God) aspect.

here just 2 of them i got from the it their copy rights
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